Registration Race Info

The 2015 races will be held on November 8th, and that registration will begin on August 1 2015.

Greetings to Our PSC Athletes and Families

At our summer meeting, the Purple Shoes Challenge coordinators gathered to celebrate and review the 2013 PSC event. We reflected on 5 years of fond memories, and talked about the friendships that blossomed and the spirit of community that was fostered for the athletes and volunteers alike. We also discussed how we could perpetuate Katie’s vision of breaking down the barriers that prevent people from actively participating in activities of their choice to the full extent of their capabilities and their desires. None of us see the mission as being limited to athletic endeavors, but all agree that an athletic competition is a way to open doors to a healthy lifestyle for all.

The new vision for what a 21st century athletic competition for athletes of all abilities should look like, the energy and enthusiasm of the athletes, their families, the volunteers, and the greater community, will drive the PSC into the future. Charting a new direction will take time and serious thought, but our mission and dreams will not change. We will continue to seek to introduce new ways for ALL to live healthier and fulfilling lives

We do hope your summer was as fine as the weather.


The Purple Shoes Challenge Team Coordinators